BBQ Bros

In 2017 students and university grads mainly majoring in hospitality or related fields joined a team. By the end of 2018, the team embracing rebels, sharing all the same passion for BBQ, reached 90 BROS.

BBQ BROS cater any event, and offer a diverse menu, whatever comes to your mind or suits your occasion. They can serve a minimum of 15 people up to 12000. As long as their GRILL FITS, they SITS…



Once a bro always a bro

Our mission is to fire up the event like no-one else by serving only prime cut meats and high quality ingredients using the latest equipment and advanced grilling techniques in a unique setting that will teleport your grilling experience to a whole new dimension.

Connecting Cultures

In his role as a member in the WBA and being the ambassador in MEA, ASIA and 2nd PLACE WINNER OF THE SOUTH AMERICA BBQ TOURNAMENT 2019 a BRO shall not be limited to his country and strives to create an exchange of cultures and ideas.

Excellence in Hospitality

Any caterer can provide food but it takes a bro to provide a full on flavor kicking experience. After you try us, barbecues will never be the same again.


A bro seeks to offer a genuine and authentic glimpse of Lebanon, displaying the country’s traditions through food, art, ambience and generous service.

About BBQ Bros

Petra Gretta
Juicy Lucy
Emile Abi Aad
Lama El Hage
Crazy Girl

We cater BBQ’s to private, corporate, special occasions, weddings, concerts, festivals, backyard BBQ… Basically , if our grill fits, we sits.

We fired up our BBQ in multiple fixed renowned locations, beaches, resorts and clubs grilling everyday or every week for the whole summer season. We fired up Unite with Tomorrowland, Jim Beam Rocks, DJ RODGE, CJ & JAY-R, Agosto, Red Bull CPD, for hundreds and thousands of people with 25m long BBQ Stations.

We fired up the hottest events in the country from private, corporate, public and massive events. We grilled for 15 persons as well as staggering 12,000 persons.

Charcoal BBQ, Wood log BBQ, Wood plank cooking, FirePits, Smokers, Rotisserie, Hangers, Barrel Pits, LA Plancha, Braai.

We maintain the highest level of quality in a service or product as if we were cooking for ourselves. We pay close attention to every stage of the process of delivery or production as to ensure only the freshest of products make it on our grills. Quality over everything.

As mentioned earlier, our young team pumping with life and social skills will make any gathering a memorable one.
They do well behind a grill and better when it comes to dealing with people.
Trust us when we say you’ll definitely want to meet us again.
Cheers 🙂

our contacts

Any caterer can serve food! But it takes a BRO to serve a full on SMOKIN’ hot experience.


Freeway Center, 2nd floor.
Sin El Fil, Beirut - Lebanon.


+961 70 099 699
+961 71 684 666


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A BRO is always a BRO to anyone in the world.